You Won’t Get Skinny Eating One Salad

You Won’t Get Fat Eating One Chocolate Bar

I have helped thousands of Women transform their bodies over the years, and they all had something in common. They tried loads of different diets trying to achieve the body they wanted.

It doesn’t matter what diet you try,  they are all GRIM!

Absolutely awful experience, often starving your body of both calories and nutrients while abstaining from the foods you love.

The Billions of pounds spent by the “health and fitness” industry on marketing has a lot to answer for!

So we are now going to look at breaking down some unhealthy relationships you may have with food.  You are going to think that I am crazy as what I am going to teach you will seem really strange because it is DIFFERENT to what you will have been told in the past.


“If you keep doing what you’ve always done,

You will keep getting what you’ve always got.”

W. L. Bateman


Now let’s get on to teach you some basics about nutrition that will help you accelerate sustainable results.

First off, there is no such thing as bad foods. Categorising food into brackets only creates an unhealthy relationship with foods. Instead of labelling a food as a “bad” food, it is better to understand what the food is.

Here are 3 very simple steps that combined will create dramatic improvements without feeling like you are cutting out all the foods you love in life.

  1. Eat more wholesome, single ingredient foods.
  2. Eat less refined and processed foods.
  3. Enjoy treats in moderation.

Let’s start with eating more wholesome foods.

These means eat foods which are as close to their natural state as possible.  For example, having steak served with roast vegetables and potatoes would be a better option than having a pre-packed beef burger, beans and oven chips.

It is important to know that foods aren’t always as they appear.  You should make it a good habit to read the nutrition labels on foods.  The more ingredients there is the higher chance the food is highly processed. For example, I personally would choose real butter over margarine or low fat spreads as the human body has been processing fats since the dawn of time and fats should not be feared if you understand them.

Proteins, fats and carbs all serve their purpose and our body requires them so do not cut ANY of them out. Instead be clever with your nutrition and balance them.

Refined foods should feature in your diet as little as possible.

Many pre-packed meals are marketed as healthy as they are low in fat. When you take the Fat out of foods it tastes like

crap, so salt, sugar and sweeteners are added. Additives and preservatives are also added to processed foods to increase the shelf lives. All of which can be worse for you than the fat.

Enjoy treats in moderation!

It is important that you don’t cut out the food that you love. I want to teach you how to improve your current lifestyle not teach you another diet. Like I said, DIETS ARE GRIM!

If you regularly eat junk food, sweets or crisps start by reducing the portion size or the number of servings per day.  Plan when you will have treats and always make it later in the day to reduce the risk of overindulging.

You can live a perfectly healthy lifestyle and reach your weight loss goals enjoying treats in moderation.

Just like eating one salad won’t make you skinny, one treat isn’t going to make you overweight, only bad nutrition as a whole will do that.  Improving all areas of your nutrition will allow you to enjoy the foods you love in moderation.

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