Creating the perfect training environment

You like the idea of getting in shape and you feel ready to take the first step and start exercising. The first thing that crosses your mind is to join a gym, right? So is the gym really the best place to start?

We all know that the gym can be an intimidating place. Equipment can be daunting and training plans can leave you feeling a bit isolated. Although, we can all benefit from exercising at a gym, the truth is that without the knowledge or confidence to create and follow a well-balanced training plan designed for your goals, results can not only be disappointing but they can also be dangerous.

What you normally find in gyms is there are 2 types of gym users. Those who know how to train, who are confident in the gym and know how to plan their workout. Then there are the people who don’t really know how to train; do a few reps on different machines before deciding to opt for the exercise bike, treadmill or rower.

I realised that the gym isn’t the best starting point for people to learn how to train. It can be intimidating, often difficult to get the equipment you need and in peak times over crowded.

The truth is, the perfect training environment doesn’t come down to the bricks and mortar and the shiney things inside. It comes down to the people, the team and the support on offer.

Our studio isn’t filled with treadmills, exercise bikes or confusing resistance machines.Our clients don’t need that. Our clients benefit from a private training environment where we offer expert support in a team atmosphere. Somewhere that our clients feel welcome, where they can learn how to train effectively, how to understand what is required to achieve their goal and where they could have fun and make friends in the process.

We decided that the best way we could help our premium clients and to give them the best possible training environment was to surround them with other amazing people who want to achieve similar goals. When we did that we notices that our clients starting to get better results FASTER than they ever did training one to one with their trainer. The group and team spirit make the training.

2,000sft Private training studio

What our studio offers our clients

  • Somewhere welcoming
  • Somewhere with support on hand from experts who want to help
  • Somewhere for them to learn how to train effectively without being intimidated
  • Somewhere they can be themselves and feel comfortable
  • Somewhere that they don’t feel paranoid they were being watched
  • Somewhere that they can socialise with other like minded people
  • Somewhere that isn't filled with pointless equipment instead with the equipment they need to achieve their goals with a professional to show them what they need to do
  • Somewhere private they can train without others seeing them
  • Somewhere with proven results
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