The Best Time To Exercise

Have you ever wondered when the best time to exercise is? I have lost count of how many time I have been asked this very question in my career.


People want to straightforward answer to this question. And if you type this question into google you will get loads of very different answers, some based on science and some just on opinion.

Let’s simplify it.


Let’s take everything out the equation except one very important factor…


When do you have time to train?

When do you feel you have most energy?

When are you most likely to commit to your schedule?

The best time to train is the time you are most likely to stick to.

I read an article once that stated the best time to train for men was in the afternoon which for me, couldn’t be further from the truth. I am often busy in the afternoons, so trying to fit in a training session would be unrealistic. My body (and mind) seems to be most responsive first thing in the morning and last thing at night. So for me to force myself to train in the afternoon just because a study told me it is the best time to train won’t work.

It won’t work because I won’t stick to it.

When it comes to my clients. Some commit better to their training first thing in the morning and comment on how it increases their energy and productivity during the day. Some even say its stops them skipping sessions.


Some of my clients swear by training in the evening because the stress of their day is over and this is their time to escape and do something for themselves.


I have some clients who like to train in the morning after the school run because they have the chance to train before they tend to their other commitments in the day.

The “best time to exercise” varies from person to person because our lifestyle and commitments are all unique.


If you are serious about your results don’t get complacent by trying to create the perfect routine, because the truth is the perfect routine is the routine that you will be consistent with. Unless you are a competitive athlete, your training should fit your life, not your life fit your training.

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