How To Enjoy Takeaways & Still Get Results

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the results you have always wanted without a following restrictive diet?

Many people believe that to lose weight you need to reduce your calories significantly and restrict the types of foods you eat.

Over the past 7 years, I have built a reputation for helping my clients to achieve outstanding results without ever having to cut out the food that they love. A reputation that got me noticed and lead to working on projects with ITV and various magazines.

So how do my clients get long-lasting results without ever having to give up the food they love long term?

It’s simple. We teach our clients about nutrition and break the diet mindset.

There is no such thing as good food and bad food.

You won’t lose weight eating one salad; likewise, you won’t get fat eating one cheeseburger.

The basics of weight loss nutrition is to work out how many calories per day you need (your total daily energy expenditure) and create a safe deficit.

I’m not going to go into the nutrition side in any detail today, only because that deserves a blog of its own.

What I am going to do is help you discover how you can still enjoy treats or takeaways at the weekend and even progress towards your goal.

Before I continue, I don’t want this to be taken the wrong way. You cant eat junk food all the time and expect to get the results that you want, but what you can do is plan your lifestyle to incorporate treats.

After years of monitoring my client’s nutrition, I noticed that even the most dedicated people overindulged on the weekend; Saturday seemed to be the worst day.

Instead of making things even harder for my clients and telling them to cut out even more of the food they love. I provided them with an extra session designed to offset the overindulgence.

Let me explain how that works.

Every day you eat the correct amount to achieve your goals, you stay on track then Saturday comes. Your significant other wants a takeaway, and you struggle to resist. You decide to order your take away, let’s say a Dominos. While you are waiting for your meal, a quick google search will allow you to estimate the calories in the delicious dinner that’s on its way. Here is a real example of a takeaway I had recently:

6 slices of a large dominos Tandoori Hot Pizza 996kcal
4 Bottles of Budweiser 464Kcal
Total: 1460kcal

Consuming 1460kcal extra every week is enough to slow down your results, possibly stop them and in some cases even make you gain fat.

After that meal I done an additional training session and using a heart rate monitor, I burned just under 1000kcals.

By completing that extra session, the surplus calories I consumed have been offset by the calories burned during the additional training session, reducing the surplus to 464kcals.

As my nutrition is on point every other day, that 464kcals is absorbed by the safe deficit that I created in my nutrition and it is NOT enough to stop me getting the results I am working towards.

When I introduced these extra sessions for my clients, the aim was to burn up to 1000kcals and set their metabolism on FIRE for the rest of the day. Giving my clients the opportunity to enjoy takeaways in moderation and still see the body fat fall off.

Because my clients are not restricted by a diet, it is easier for them to be consistent and stay on plan.

To generate the highest calorie burn during the session and create a heightened metabolic state we utilised a training style called Metabolic Resistance Training.

The training is hard but nowhere near as hard as cutting out all of the food you love in an attempt to lose weight.

After introducing this session to my clients, they found it easier to break the diet mindset and stayed firmly on track to achieving their goals.

There you have it. Losing weight and getting in shape doesn’t have to be super restrictive. When you understand exercise and nutrition, you can enjoy life and still achieve the results you want.


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