Have you ever been to the gym and felt out of place? Maybe you have considered joining but felt overwhelmed at the thought of it.

I get it. I used to hate going to the gym. I felt self-conscious and embarrassed. I didn’t know what I was doing and often felt intimidated by the super fit people in the gym.

My clients felt the same way as I once did. Many of them had gym memberships they didn’t use. Some of them did use their memberships but didn’t know how to get the results they wanted. And others, just couldn’t bring themselves to walk into a gym.

Maybe you can relate?

Most people who start a new health and fitness regime are already self-conscious, that is probably the reason they want to make a change. It can be nerve-racking to take that first step and walk into a room wall to wall with mirrors to be surrounded by people who appear to know what they are doing. Some people never even make it as far as attending.


“A poll of 1,000 gym members found that 11 per cent said that despite paying an average of £47 a month – that’s £564 a year – on a gym membership they hadn’t gone throughout 2016.

A total of 21 per cent said they visited their gym just three times a year – meaning each visit cost them £188.”

(Mirror, 2017)

The big gyms LOVE this. If truth be told they NEED members to join that will never use the facility, without having thousands of members it would be impossible for them to offer gym memberships at the price they do. Big gyms need people to be JUST A NUMBER.

How to increase your chance of success.

Take a step back from the gyms and diet clubs. There are fantastic facilities and fitness communities out there that can dramatically increase your chance of success.

Look for a facility that personalises your experience. When you walk into your gym, they should not only know your name but also what you want to achieve and what work out you are going to be doing that day that will take you closer to your goal.

Find a facility with a sense of community, with people who are proud to be members. These people will become an essential part of your success offering support that a gym or personal trainer allow could not.

Surround yourself with like-minded people who are working towards a similar goal, people that will lift you up and encourage you.

When you become part of a community, you will feel comfortable, like you belong there.

How easy would it be to stay motivated and be consistent with your training sessions when you enjoy going?!


Like I said, there are tons of amazing fitness communities out there. Find the one that is right for you and it can make a dramatic improvement in your chance of success.


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