10 Reasons Ladies Should Lift Weights

Weightlifting is often seen as something that Men do. Over the past few years, weightlifting is becoming increasingly popular with female gym users and for a good reason too.

  1. Build muscle & Burns Fat. many people think they need to lose weight and then “tone up”  this doesn’t make sense, you are DOUBLING the amount of time, effort and energy it takes you to reach your goal. Instead of focusing on losing weight you should concentrate on becoming LEAN!
  2. Burns Calories. During the sessions you burn HUNDREDS of calories, it also helps to increase your metabolic rate! That means that you burn more FAT even after the work out is finished!
  3. Increase Metabolic Rate. Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat does. That means that if gain lean muscle you will burn more energy even when resting (Don’t worry, you won’t end up like the hulk, females don’t have enough testosterone for that).
  4. Muscle is functional. The stronger you are, the healthier your body is and the less prone to injury you will be just now and in later life.
  5. Weight lifting can reverse the natural decline in your metabolic rate which happens to most people when they hit 30.
  6. Weight lifting strengthens your bones, it reduces your risk of breaks, fractures and osteoporosis. This is particularly important for women as osteoporosis is much more common in females.
  7. Improve Posture. A correctly planned weight training programme will improve your posture. This will help to make you slimmer, more confident and of course more functionally, it can reduce lower back pain.
  8. Improve balance and coordination. Weight training will help you to improve your balance and coordination, something that naturally declines with age!
  9. Weight training will help to strengthen joints, ligaments and tendons which is essential for injury prevention.
  10. You will look and feel younger and more toned. When your goal is to get lean rather than “skinny and tone up” your body will adapt with you. This reduces the amount of excess and “flappy” skin you have. It will also help to tighten your skin which will make you appear younger.
    So there you have it…Weightlifting isn’t just for the grunting boys. In fact, it is the best way for women to look more toned and improve their health.

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